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Artistic Works by Jane Bash


Tin Work - American folk items assembled with Copenhagen chew tins on wood.Tin Work

Jane Bash posing next to a large mirror with leather boot frameBoot Mirrors – These furnishings are mostly made of stitched cowboy boot leather.

weavingWeaving – Structural or flat pieces, the best of them all is this burden basket of leather.

AntlersBurden Bells – Tin bells fashioned from Copenhagen tins. Meant to protect the harvest, and encourage bounty.

Luck Pulleys - Glass bead strands, infused with lucky, found coins draw good luck to the owner.Luck Pulleys

whitehouse eggsWhite House Egg - Once displayed in the White House, the egg is now housed in the Presidential library.

Boot Stools - A family favorite to kick up your feet or give your favorite kid a boost.Boot Stools


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33 Bits By Jane bash33 Bits - Friendship & betrayal. How a curious bracelet was assembled, with clues for the owner to claim it - Jane Bash
Also on Kindle

Goodnight Dog in the Duck Pond by Jane BashGoodnight Dog in the Duck Pond - A sleepy boy puts the animals in all the wrong beds! Dog will straighten them out! Illustrations by NEMO. Necklaces available.

Jewelry Journal for MenA Jewelry Journal for Men - Set the record straight regarding rumors & truth about your sentimental & practical collectibles - Jane Bash & Pamela Wessel www.Amazon.com

Jewelry Journal for WomenA Jewelry Journal - Whether irreplaceable, or made by a child's hand, presenting the framework to assemble your life record - Jane Bash & Pamela Wessel www.Amazon.com

Lee's Literary LessonsLee’s Literary Lessons The Tree of Knowledge based educational musical has a fantasy story line reinforcing Reading skills for 4th-6th grades.

Marti's Math MarksMarti’s Math Marks This Baseball themed educational musical covers state required Math skills.

Ernesto's ExperienceErnesto's English Experience
A ZIT-themed, musical comedy, covers many 4th-7th grade Language Arts skills.

MIddle School Math Course 2 - Teacher's AdditionHolt Rinehart & Winston – Text editor


Adventures by Jane Bash


Bungie JumpingSky Walk – Hanging out over the 60th Floor of the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.

FishingCoastal Fishing – Shark, flounder, red, I’ll eat nearly any seafood we catch.

stingraysSwimming with Wild Stingrays – Morrea, an island in the South Pacific.

Indoor SkydivingIndoor Skydiving – When an airplane is not available.

Team Penning RodeoTeam Penning - Horse vs Cattle sport either in shot-gun, or with a trio of riders.

Parachute CertificateParachute – Why not?

MiltaryMilitary – I appreciate the opportunity to have served in the Air National Guard.


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Do you have a project to collaborate on? Are you interested in attending an art class? Would you like to commission an item?

Please call me at 210-643-3201. I appreciate the opportunity to create and to serve.

Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.- Andre Gide